bioplanetaHeaderMenu_01Bioplaneta, is a national network of rural sustainable companies and cooperatives allied to a broad net of institutions, educational and investigation centers, non-government organizations and people committed with sustainable development, quality of life and social and commercial fairness.

Bioplaneta is the tool for the environment-committed community companies to be qualified permanently, to improve and maintain its quality and mainly, to market its products and services in the local, regional, national and global markets in a fair and equal way.

We base our work on the cooperation of networks, founded on the principle that people from different cultures, towns and beliefs should work and live together in harmony. By proposing and promoting new communication and cultural exchange methods, we help to transform the current greed-based commercial negotiation scheme into one that embodies the equal exchange and fair compensation of goods, services, ideas, culture, etc. Bioplaneta seeks to link the gaps that exist between the least-privileged sectors of the global world village, always respecting the values, culture, and natural and traditional resources of each participating region of our network.

Such values are based on the following ideas:

Sustainable Development
Every process, productive or commercial activity should be carried out in such a way that helps to promote conservation and/or environmental rehabilitation.

Cultural Equality

  • All cultures, whether local, regional or traditional, should be seen to have equal value.
  • Cultural exchange enriches the lives of all people. Diversity enriches life.
  • The cultural values that serve to unite and harmonize relations between different people are those that sponsor sustainability, tolerance, solidarity and the common good.
    Equal worth for equal work
  • The economic value of a product can and should not be limited by it’s market value (in today’s free market economy.) Rather, the price of a product should be established by combining several elements: profit distribution, physical and intellectual labour, the abilities and talents of the person or the group, cultural and natural wealth factors, etc.